Unlock Local HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

If you travel the world often, chances are you’ve come across a situation where you want to catch up on your favorite home TV show, but were unable to because that content is blocked in the country you’re currently visiting.

Due to country-specific copyright agreements, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, and Hulu aren’t legally allowed to stream all of their content everywhere. It’s for the same reason why, back in the day, you couldn’t play DVDs from another continent on your DVD player without a lot of extra work (except this is slightly less annoying).

The way they filter what content they show you as available to stream is by checking the IP address used to log into the site and tracing it to its country of origin. Once they’ve figured that out, they then show you only the library available in that country. Click the link to allow you watch home shows anywhere… https://goo.gl/smLvG

So how are you going to get caught up on Game of Thrones? 

Simple: use a VPN....

A VPN reroutes your Internet traffic through a different IP address, which means that you can connect via a server in whatever country you’re trying to watch your shows in. When you access a website, your IP address is masked by the VPN service, so Hulu or HBO GO will think you’re in Canada, the US, or whichever country the server you connected to is located.

You’ll also want to be sure that your VPN service includes a DNS proxy, as sometimes this information is used to geolocate the machine you’re connecting from even beyond your IP address.

Unfortunately, some of these services have started detecting and blocking VPNs. They have started to do this because of their legal obligations to restrict cross-border access as much as they can.

That said, the VPN providers are often one step ahead of the game, and so it’s worth giving it a go. Sometimes the TV fix is worth it.